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Peri Peri Chicken

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Cook Time:


8 Servings




Portuguese, South African

Main Protein:


About the Recipe

Peri Peri chicken is a popular dish that originated in Southern Africa, specifically in Mozambique and Angola, but has since spread across the globe. The dish is typically made by marinating chicken in a spicy sauce that features the Peri Peri chili pepper, which is also known as the African bird's eye chili.

The marinade is typically made with a combination of spices, such as garlic, paprika, oregano, and lemon juice, which work together to create a spicy, tangy flavor that pairs well with chicken. The chicken is then either grilled or roasted until it is cooked through and crispy on the outside.

Peri Peri chicken can be served in a variety of ways. It is often served with a side of rice and vegetables, or it can be sliced and served in a wrap or sandwich. The dish is also often served with a dipping sauce, such as aioli or yogurt sauce, to help balance out the spiciness of the chicken.

One of the reasons that Peri Peri chicken has become so popular is that it can be easily customized to suit individual tastes. For those who love spicy food, the marinade can be made with extra chili peppers, while those who prefer milder flavors can adjust the amount of spice accordingly. Additionally, the chicken can be marinated for a shorter or longer period of time, depending on how strong of a flavor you want.


  • 6 Chicken Quarters, Cleaned and Trimmed


  • 2 Red Bell Peppers, Charred

  • 1/2 Red Onion, Chopped

  • 1 TBSP Garlic, Mined

  • 2 TBSP Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Zest of One Lemon

  • 10 African Bird's Eye Chilis (Thai Chilis)

  • 2 tsp Smoked Paprika

  • 2 tsp of Dried Oregano

  • 2 Bay Leaves

  • 2 tsp Kosher Salt

  • 2 tsp Black Pepper

  • Butter


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 350

Step 2

First thing that needs to be done is roasting your bell peppers. This can be done over a gas range, grill, or on the broil setting in the oven. You need to cook the bell pepper until the skin has blistered and the flesh becomes soft. Then cut the flesh away from the skin and seeds.

Step 3

Add the softened bell pepper pieces, the onion, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, chilis, 1 TBSP smoked paprika, dried oregano, vinegar, salt and pepper to an immersion blender and blend until smooth. Taste the puree and adjust the seasonings accordingly.

Step 4

Cover the chicken with the marinade along with the bay leaves and place into the fridge for at least 1 hour but up to 48 hours.

Step 5

Remove the chicken from the marinade and take off as many chunky pieces as you can to avoid burning in the pan. Pat the chicken dry and season both sides with salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.

Step 6

In a hot pan, add some olive oil and sear the chicken on both sides starting with the skin side down. Once you get your sear, return the chicken to skin side up position and baste with more of the marinade. Finish cooking the chicken in the oven.

Step 7

Take the leftover marinade and place into a sauce pan. Bring the sauce to a boil and then down to a simmer and cook for about 10-15minutes. Add 1-2 TBSP of butter to the pan to tie the sauce together.

Step 8

Once the chicken is done, add more sauce to the top of the chicken or serve it on the side

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