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Discover the perfect companion for any cocktail craftsman. Cocktails aren’t just thrown together. Cocktails require precision. This means using the best tools for the job. The Belmont Gold Julep Strainer is for mixologists who care about the art of cocktail making.

Allowing for maximum versatility, the strainer has an oval-shaped perforated bowl that fits most cocktail shakers and glasses. The tiny holes drain liquids fast, while simultaneously and effectively working to remove any unwanted ingredients, such as seeds. Another innovative feature is the rounded handle that nestles comfortably in the hand. Unlike with other strainers that are tiresome to use, this strainer can be used all night long, with no negatives.


The strainer is made from 304 stainless-steel with gold plating, which means the gold strainer is capable of withstanding even the most intense bar shifts. A fantastic gift – This strainer is ideal for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or just as a surprise gift for those who enjoy making cocktails. It’s also a great gift to the host of any cocktail making event. Our promise to you – Being recognized for outstanding service has remained at the forefront of our brand philosophy, and always will. 

Julep Strainer by Viski®


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