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2021 Durigutto Proyecto Las Compuertas

Rating: 96pt Average Price: $24

Aging Potential: Drink now through 2027

Wine Overview

Producer: Durigutti

Varietal(s): Criolla Chica (Mission)

Country: Argentina

Region: Luján de Cuyo

Village/SubRegion: Las Compuertas

Vineyard: Finca Victoria

Epicurean Review

Deep rose colored in the glass with expressive aromatics of watermelon, crushed rock, cherry bubblegum, hibiscus, red beets, and cranberry. This wine is dry on the palate showing flavors of tart red fruit such as pomegranate and red cherry.

About Producer

Durigutti is a renowned wine producer hailing from Argentina, celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to producing wines of distinctive character and quality. Founded by brothers Héctor and Pablo Durigutti, the winery has gained a strong reputation for its innovative approach and commitment to showcasing the unique terroir of Mendoza, Argentina's premier wine region.
Durigutti's winemaking philosophy revolves around a blend of tradition and innovation. They place a strong emphasis on cultivating their vineyards sustainably, allowing the grapes to express the authentic flavors of the region. With a focus on varietals like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Bonarda, they create wines that capture the essence of Argentina's wine culture while also pushing boundaries with their creative winemaking techniques.

About The Region

Luján de Cuyo, nestled at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Argentina, is a revered wine region renowned for its exceptional viticulture and rich winemaking heritage. This elevated oasis boasts a combination of factors that make it a prime location for grape cultivation and wine production.
The region's high-altitude vineyards, situated between 2,800 and 3,600 feet above sea level, benefit from abundant sunshine, cool nights, and well-drained soils. These factors contribute to the production of grapes with intense flavors and balanced acidity, especially for flagship varietals like Malbec. Luján de Cuyo's unique microclimate plays a crucial role, allowing for slow grape ripening and the development of complex aromas and nuanced taste profiles.
Luján de Cuyo holds historical significance as the birthplace of Malbec in Argentina, and it remains the heartland of this iconic varietal. The region's wineries blend traditional winemaking practices with modern techniques, creating wines that showcase both the grape's original character and the innovation of contemporary craftsmanship. The result is a collection of wines that capture the essence of the land, reflecting both the rugged beauty of the Andes and the passion of those who cultivate its vines

Food Pairings

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